The JES PTO Mission: The goals of the Jeffrey PTO are to create a closer relationship between home and School, to enhance the learning environment, to provide and maintain the open network of communication between school and community and to foster parent/guardian involvement in the educational process. 

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Holiday Photo Sessions at Bauer Park with Pamela Aldred Photography

Session dates are 10/16, 10/17, 10/24, and 11/7

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On October 30th, we are looking forward to a Halloween Spirit Day.  This year represents many changes for students, and we want to allow our students the opportunity to participate in Halloween fun at school.  We are inviting students to wear either a Halloween t-shirt or to dress in head-to-toe orange and black to show their "spirit." 


Should your child opt to wear a Halloween costume on October 30, please be aware they will need to wear the costume all day.  There will be no Halloween Parade and students will not have an opportunity to change out of the costume during the day. Various grade levels have craft activities planned that may involve paint, so if there are concerns about keeping the costume in good condition for the actual Halloween, please consider a spirit day outfit as described above.


The following guidelines should help you plan if you opt for a Halloween costume:


  • As per our school guidelines, students must still wear protective face masks all day and be able to maintain social distancing while wearing a costume.

  • Costumes will have to be worn all day, so please make sure the costume will not cause students to be too hot or too cold at recess.

  • Since students will be wearing protective masks, no other face masks should be worn.

  • Costumes should be free from any distractions to your child or others, e.g. no flashing lights, large costume parts, or parts that make noise. Additionally, any "props" that might accompany a costume should be left at home.

  • Students need to be able to sit and speak comfortably in any costume.

  • Hats are allowed, but should not obstruct a student's ability to see in classrooms or in the hallways.

  • Any face paint or color hair dye/spray must be applied at home.


We look forward to a fun Spirit Day at Jeffrey.  Participation in either option is completely voluntary.  We support student and family decisions related to celebrating Halloween or our Halloween themed Spirit Day. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher or Julie Phelps at 203.245.6460.

Halloween Spirit Day

Our Own Jeffrey Community Cookbook          


On behalf of the Jeffrey Parent Teacher Organization, we would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome each family. To say 2020-2021 is a unique school year is a major understatement! Our team has been hard at work planning to meet this unique school year with gratitude and fun, virtually or in-school.  With our wonderful principal and exceptional teachers leading the way, our students have an amazing school year ahead of them as they meet new friends, have new experiences and learn new things. The JES PTO hopes that each of you, all members of our Jeffrey community, have an amazing school year meeting new friends, supporting Jeffrey Elementary School and making lasting memories!    


All the best,

Liz, Megan, Kim, Laura, Christine, Laura, Cara, Jim, Cindy, Jaimee & Lauren

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