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Join the IAS PTO Executive Board

As many of you know, the PTO Executive Board was entirely new this year. We realize this is not an ideal model for future boards, so in effort to create a board where there are in-coming and outgoing members each year, we are reorganizing. We believe it is important for future boards to have experienced members for guidance when navigating each new school year. In efforts to reorganize and create a seamless transition each year, three of the current members will be shifting to the position of Members at Large in order to open up three new positions.


Members at Large will be part of the Executive Board and serve as added assistance. If you would like to be part of a passionate community working for the benefit of our school community, please consider joining. This is a great time to join, as there will be a huge amount of support.

Please complete the below online form or click to print and submit a hard copy and return in an envelope labeled PTO.

A nomination committee will be in contact with you.

Submission deadline APRIL 28, 2017.

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