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Family Photo Sessions with
Karen Alquist Photography

This year we are so excited so to bring back the annual Jeffrey tradition of offering family photo sessions but this year with "Karen Alquist Photography" of Madison  Two sessions are being offered: 

Friday September 1st from 3:00pm-6:45 pm and Saturday September 2nd from 8:00am-10:00am and 3:00pm-6:45pm

Sessions are 15 minutes long. You can either sign up for a:

  • $75 session which includes 4 photos of either your family photo OR photos of your child/children.

  • $125 session which includes 6 photos of your family AND your child/children.


You will be able to view all of your photos from your session and choose the 4 or 6 photos (depending on session cost). You can purchase additional photos for an additional fee. There is a processing fee for the website attached to the fee when you register. 


YOU MUST BE 15 MINUTES EARLY FOR YOUR SESSION. If you are late, the photoshoot will get delayed and the people scheduled for later in the day will not be able to go due to the sunlight loss. Therefore if you are LATE YOU FORFEIT YOUR SPOT. This is fundraiser is NONREFUNDABLE.

To schedule starting Friday 8/18, please click on this link to access the photo session schedule.  


Please send any questions to
If you would like to receive financial assistance for this activity, please contact Julia Giaquinto at

The Photoshoot will take place at Karen's home with this beautiful bridge 

The season will be the same as the photos with this baby, therefore you can expect your background to look similar to these photos.


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