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Workshops will  start up in October for 2022-2023 school year and there will be 5 sessions!  Click here for registration for the April/May workshops.


If you should have any questions or you have a workshop proposal to share, please contact: 


Megan Hogarth at

Thank you! We look forward to bringing fun, enriching activities to Jeffrey in 2022/23!

General Information About Workshops
  • For morning workshops, children should not be dropped off before 7:40am as there will be no supervision. Please walk your child into school and sign them in.   

  • For after school workshops, children will be dismissed from the classroom directly to after school workshops.

  • If an authorized pick-up person is not present after 15 minutes, the child will be escorted to the Beach and Recreation After Care program where an hourly fee will apply at your expense. 

  • Requests for needs-based financial assistance should be addressed to the school principal.

  • ​There is no nurse on duty during these workshops. If your child may need medication during the workshop, a parent or authorized person must stay with the child throughout the class. If your child will need a scheduled dose of medicine (e.g. penicillin), a parent or authorized person must be present to administer the medicine.


Questions or Concerns?

Please contact:

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